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Welcome!  I'm Lisa Avnet, Hypnotherapist and Healing Energy Practitioner.  I hold a powerful space for change and transformation, using hypnotherapy, energy medicine and several other approaches to help my clients resolve issues, feel better, and reach their health, lifestyle, relationship, and professional goals.  

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a safe, effective, natural way to create inner and outer change to help you reach your goals.

Hypnosis works  by accessing the inner subconscious mind through trance, a natural human state of consciousness.  Through trance, we get to the root of old behaviors and beliefs from the past that are holding you back, keeping you in the past, and preventing you from having the life you long for.  Through trance, we can eliminate unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and replace them with new, positive ones.

Hypnosis may help you wth:

Fears and Phobias - flying, driving, bridges, snakes
Weight Management
Creating Healthy Habits
Chronic Stress and Overwhelm
Enhancing Creativity
Performance blocks
Feeling stuck
Feelings of Stress/Anxiousness                                                                                     
Guilty or Angry Feelings                                                                            
Self Esteem Improvement
Reduce Shyness
Self Confidence improvement                                                
Unwanted Habits
Memory Improvement
Performance/Test Anxiousness
Weight Reduction

If you do not see your area of interest listed, please ask!  The list of how hypnosis can be of benefit is, in fact, endless.

Energy Healing

There is some overlap between what hypnosis and energy healing can address.  They work very well together.  I do one type of work at a time, you will come for either kind of work.  For more details, see the descriptions on the services page. 

There is no better investment than in your own wellbeing!

I'm a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Brennan Healing Science is considered by many to be the leading energy healing modality in the world. It is a combination of mind, body and spirit healing that works with the Human Energy Field to bring healing and health to all body systems. 

A healthy energy field can help you:

Stay focused
Feel more centered
Increase your overall energy
Calm your emotions
Positively affect your overall physical health and healing

Hypnosis for Writers

Are you blocked?  Feeling like there's so much more inside than what you can get onto the page?  Wanting to take your writing to the next level?  Feeling dry and uninspired?  Is your inner critic holding you hostage or preventing you from really shining?  Are you mired in procrastination?  Are you afraid of speaking in public, reading your work or giving a presentation?

Hypnotic techniques are unparalleled in creating lasting positive change, and can transform these and many other issues.

Explore Consciousness

Hypnosis offers unique access to the Higher Mind, and many kinds of explorations are available, from meeting your Creative Muse or a Guide, finding answers through past life or natal regression, finding your soul's purpose, and many more.

Support Your Health and Feel Better

Through Medical Support Clinical Hypnosis and Accelerated Healing Hypnosis, the symptoms of many chronic health issues can be addressed. 

I'm trained in pain management, pre and post surgical support to accelerate recovery, as well as in helping many specific conditions. 

In addition, I can also address many of the same issues through the practice of energy medicine, a clothed, hands on practice.

Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy

I work as an adjunct to my clients’ conventional medical treatment as directed by a physician.  A few examples of how Medical Support Hypnotherapy can be utilized:

Reduce or eliminate pain
Eliminate fear of needles
Reduction or elimination of claustrophobic feelings during MRI and CAT scans
Burn care from radiation treatment for cancer care
Stress reduction
Childbirth preparation
Reduction of pre-operative fear/anxiousness
Post-operative accelerated healing
Post-operative pain control
Normalization of digestion for IBS
Regain normal sleep patterns
Preventative care
Accelerate healing

Athletic Performance and Healing

“In every sport, and in every competition, there is a level of athleticism that is required.  Once you have demonstrated that you can physically compete in an arena, the difference between winning and losing lies within the six inches between your ears.” – Matt Millen 4x SuperBowl Champion, from “Mind of the Athlete”

I work with athletes for mental training in their sport – being present, staying focused, and overcoming fears.  The second, and equally important part of the hypnosis work I do with athletes is in medical support hypnotherapy.  The mental advantages athletes gain by our hypnosis work together are only effective if the athlete is on the field, mat, track or court.  Since injury is often a byproduct of participating in athletic competition, I work with physicians and clients, utilizing medical support hypnotherapy for these athletes.  As a result, whether or not surgery is required, healing can be accelerated while pain is diminished. Athletes can safely get back to the sport they love – faster.

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Welcome - Lisa Avnet in Pittsfield, MA

Lisa Avnet offers Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Pittsfield, MA

Lisa Avnet
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"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic."
J. K. Rowling