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What to Expect: FAQ

FAQ - Lisa Avnet in Pittsfield, MA

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?
Many first-time clients are concerned that hypnosis will make them lose consciousness. It doesn't. In fact, trance is a natural state we all access, for example, the focus we give to a movie or book is a trance like state that can block out outside noise.   Hypnosis produces a state of inner focus similar to meditation. In fact the brain is in alpha wave mode in both activities. Most patients find trance deeply satisfying and leave the treatment feeling rested, refreshed, and relaxed both mentally and physically.

Hypnosis creates deep relaxation in both mind and body.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
The benefits of hypnosis are cumulative.  How many sessions are required depends on what type of goal you have. 

Many sessions are stand alone, single sessions which offer specific results immediately, for example: enhancing creative flow, establishing better writing habits, stress relief, inner mind exploration, and past life work.  Longstanding, deeper issues affecting your writing may take a series of sessions. The number of sessions needed to fully create the change you seek will depend on the type, severity, and duration of the obstacle. While you will often feel better after a session or two, it might take up to 6 to 8 sessions to resolve more chronic issues.  However, you will usually begin to feel relief after the first session and continue to improve with each subsequent session.

Some common fears and misconceptions about hypnosis:

“A Hypnotist can take control of my mind”

Fact: No one can control your mind, unless you allow them to do so. A consulting hypnotist gives you suggestions that you want to be given, based on your therapeutic goals and objectives. At no point during hypnosis will you lose control of your mind. If you hear a suggestion that you do not agree with, or do not understand, your subconscious mind will automatically reject it.

“I will be made to perform embarrassing acts, such as bark like a dog, or quack like a duck”

Fact: This notion is based on stage hypnosis and Hollywood fiction. The truth is that people, who volunteer to be on stage, allow themselves to participate in and respond to suggestions designed around entertainment. Sometimes, they are planted in the audience by the performer. By contrast, the kind of hypnosis I am trained for, is a serious process of self-improvement.

Hypnosis is "woo woo".

Fact: Hypnosis is a natural state that has been studied and authenticated scientifically. Hypnotists are not psychics or palm readers with “special powers.” The use of hypnosis to achieve self-improvement goals, wellness, and well-being has been validated by many decades of clinical research.   Hypnosis has been recognized as being safe and effective by the American Medical Association since 1958, by the American Psychological Association, the Veteran's Administration, and the NIH (National Institute for Health). 

“When I am hypnotized, I may not be able to come out of the state, I'll get stuck”

Fact: Hypnosis is very safe and natural state of hyper-awareness. Any time there is an emergency, a person in hypnosis will naturally be able to come out of hypnosis to respond accordingly.

How does it work? 

Hypnosis works by activating the creative healing power of your mind and focusing it on achieving your goals.

Energy Healing 

Misconception: It's woo woo.  In fact, energy healing in a variety of forms has been around almost as long as humans.  Chinese medicine, an energy based system, is over 2500 years old; Indian Hindu and Buddhist yoga practices, also energy based, are 6000 years old. Tibetan healing energy practices are ancient as well.  Energy medicine has been studied extensively throughout the world in many medical and scientific studies.    There are many trade marked varieties of energy work available, with a wide variety of depth, from day long or weekend certifications, to longer certifications with established schools.  These include Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, cranio-sacral, accupuncture, Quantum Healing, Polarity Therapy and many others.  I'm a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four year intensive program which offers a comprehensive and unparalleled depth of training in hands on healing, as well as a Reiki Master.  If you are interested in finding out more, my Brennan classmate, Marijo Puleo, has a short Kindle book  (free on Kindle Unlimited) called "How to Choose an Energy Healer".  Click here for link to Amazon order page.

I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have, just call me at 860-985-1682



FAQ - Lisa Avnet in Pittsfield, MA

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