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Hypnosis is a powerful system that uses the natural state of trance to access areas of your consciousness that are not accessible in your normal waking state to create change.  Feeling blocked? If you are encountering inner obstacles to achieving your goals, hypnosis can access the unconscious beliefs and feelings that are hindering you, and replace them with new and positive patterns that support you.

Hypnosis sessions vary in length, from 60-120 minutes  $150 per session

Energy Healing

Humans are made of both matter, the physical body, and energy.  Our Human Energy Field contains energy centers called "chakras" and the aura: our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Our habits and mindsets, repetitive thoughts, our relationships with others and with spirituality, our normal diet, environment and what we take in visually all affect the health of our energy systems. 

Physical, emotional,and mental health is created first in the energy field, before eventually manifesting in your body and life. 

Life's challenges impact your energy system directly in both positive and negative ways according to the nature of the experience creating both imbalances and blockages in your energy as well as positive emotions.   

A healthy energy field can help you:

Stay focused
Feel more centered
Increase your overall energy
Calm your emotions
Positively affect your overall physical health and healing

Energy healing techniques work to clear, charge, and balance your energy system.  After an energy work session you'll feel deeply relaxed, lighter, more vibrant - and you'll think more clearly and positively.  While one session can provide these immediate benefits, more chronic conditions are helped most effectively with a series of sessions.
$150 per hour session, multiple session packages available.

Rejuvenate Your Body with Movement - Learn Self-care Techniques

The physical demands of constant phone and computer use are substantial. Hours at the computer cause aching shoulders, arms and hands, fingers going numb, and poor posture.  Repetitive movements in many daily activities from sports to gardening create restrictions in muscles, tendons and ligaments.  I offer a variety of solutions to address these problems as well as offering training in how to keep yourself pain free at home.  The simple, easy routines of Posturcize and the Melt Method rejuvenate your upper body in minutes a day. 
Self-care instruction: $85 per hour session

Hypnosis for Writers

Creativity stems from your connection to your inner creative intelligence, or higher mind.  In trance, your ability to access the free flow of images and words that lives there is greatly enhanced while your inner critical mind is softened.  The state of trance gives you direct communication with your creative Muse.  Learning to work with trance is a super-power that yields great benefits to your creativity.

Feeling blocked?  If you are encountering obstacles that hinder your writing, we can use hypnosis to access the unconscious beliefs and feelings hindering you, and replace them with new and positive patterns that support your writing. 

Generating new work with hypnosis is exciting, surprising, and fun. The inner mind exploration and journeys that can be experienced in trance are limitless.
Hypnosis session fee: $150, length varies from 60-120 minutes

A Deep Dive Immersion for a Quantum Leap Forward

The Berkshire Writers Haven Retreat

Do you have a deadline, or a story you are burning to tell?  Give yourself the gift of uninterrupted writing time, and be nurtured on every level while you focus on a specific writing project.  From a weekend to a week, come experience writing in the exceptionally vital and creative energy at the Writers Haven.  Our extensive range of writer specific hypnosis sessions and other offerings will help your unleash your full creative potential, building momentum with each day of your stay.  Fully support the expression of your unique voice, creative process,and writing.  

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Services - Lisa Avnet in Pittsfield, MA

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, And next year’s words await another voice.”                  

T. S. Eliot Four Quartets

Lisa Avnet
Hypnosis and Energy Healing

by appointment

at The Berkshire Writer's Haven
Pittsfield, MA 01201

"Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic."
J. K. Rowling